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Landings Landings


Fourth Edition

Richard Skelton

ISBN: 978-0-9572121-1-4
130 x 200mm

Date of publication: November 2012

Production Details:

Silver foil to front, back and spine
Perfect bound
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Landings is the culmination of nearly half a decade spent exploring and remapping Anglezarke, on the West Pennine Moors of northern England. Over the course of its pages Landings intertwines the artist's own narrative with that of the landscape - its topography, history and place-names.

Click here to download excerpts from the book (PDF, 48 pages).

The book is accompanied by The Complete Landings - a high-quality digital download of the three albums in the Landings Series:

01. Carousell Landings (28th June, 2006)
02. Richard Skelton Landings (28th June, 2009)
03. Richard Skelton Rapture (28th June, 2011)

Full tracklisting:

01. Stolen Ground (35:28)
02. Noon Hill Wood (8:26)
03. Scar Tissue (1:56)
04. Threads Across the River (8:19)
05. Green Withins Brook (4:27)
06. Of the Last Generation (7:07)
07. Undertow (6:26)
08. Voice of the Book (7:26)
09. Rapture (2:00)
10. Pariah (4:43)
11. River Song (6:38)
12. Remaindered (5:34)
13. The Shape Leaves (7:01)
14. Rapture (Reprise) (36:16)

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A digital edition of the music is available via Æolian Editions.