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Limnology Limnology Limnology Limnology


Richard Skelton

ISBN: 978-0-9572121-3-8
Royal 8vo

Date of publication: November 2012

Production Details:

Perfect bound
135gsm uncoated interior
300gsm uncoated board cover
Glass-mastered CD
Edition of 500

"What line did the river first write in the valley?" – ('Landings' Richard Skelton)

Limnology takes the above quote as its starting point and explores the notion of this 'line' as both a series of words and a sequence of musical notes.

The book assembles over 1000 'water-words' from the dialect of Cumbria and its tributaries in the Germanic and Celtic languages, and presents them in a way which typographically imitates riverine processes.

The accompanying 28-minute musical composition recreates the journey of a river from mountain rill to estuary, through the gradual accumulation of individual melody lines, swelling from near silence to almost violent intensity.

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A digital edition of the music is available via Æolian Editions.