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12-String for Sale

Tanglewood 12-string guitar

Left-handed model

Model no: TW15/12NSLH

Richard is selling his left-handed 12-string guitar. Click through the gallery above to see some photographs.

It can be heard on the following records:

The Shape Leaves (2006)
Riftmusic (2007)
Box of Birch (2007)
Crow Autumn (2007)
Marking Time (2008)
Black Swallow (2009)
Landings (2009)
Dyad (2011)
*Skura (2011)
Verse of Birds (2012)
Riftmusic (Part Two) (2013)

The instrument was bought new by Richard in 2006. It is in excellent condition and has only ever had studio use.

It is tuned to the following drop-tuning:

D(x) Aa Dd F#(x) AA D(x)

In this novel tuning, the high E-string has been replaced with a D-string to enable it to be bowed. In order to counteract any additional tension from the substituted heavier gauge string, three of the complimentary high strings have been removed.

The guitar comes with a Corbel Stone Press certificate of provenance.

All serious offers will be considered. The buyer is responsible for shipping/collection.

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