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Concertina for Sale

Scarlatti English Concertina

Richard is selling his concertina. It is an English — rather than the more customary Anglo — model. It therefore employs a fully chromatic scale, and retains the same note on both the push and pull, making it ideal for sustained tones and drones. Click through the gallery above to see some photographs.

It can be heard on the following records:

The Shape Leaves (2006)
Riftmusic (2007)
Marking Time (2008)
Landings (2009)
Wolf Notes (2010)
Verse of Birds (2012)
Ridgelines (2014)

The instrument was bought new by Richard in 2006. It has travelled extensively across the West Pennine Moors during the recording of Landings. It features almost exclusively on the recording Green Withins Brook, as documented in the Landings book.

The instrument is in excellent condition, with no perforations to the bellows.

The concertina comes with a Corbel Stone Press certificate of provenance.

All serious offers will be considered. The buyer is responsible for shipping/collection.

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