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Landscape with Absented Figures
Richard Skelton

Landscapes with Absented Figures is a highly limited, large format publication of new artworks by Richard Skelton. It comprises a series of eight collages beautifully reproduced on uncoated paper and accompanied by gnomic fragments of text adapted from various sources, including Ruskin, Edmonds and Thomas.

‘Man’s body was born to die. He was not
created to live on this earth for ever.’

The work itself explores a poetics of erasure, of seeing and not seeing, in which the titular ‘figures’ are both removed and augmented; transformed into something other.

‘His body becomes affected by the
conjunction of certain minerals




24pp 170gsm uncoated paper

A4 portrait softcover

Numbered edition of 32


£12 + p&p

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Price shown is total payable:


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