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May 06, 2019

As of 2019, Reliquiae goes biannual, being published in the spring and autumn. Vol 7 No 1 features a wealth of ecologically aware writing from the past and present, ranging from the ethnological to the philosophical, the lyrical to the visionary. It is the editors’ shared belief that such writing has never been more necessary if we are to rediscover our connectedness to, and reliance upon, the natural world. With this in mind, Reliquiae is now more widely available than ever before. Readers outside the UK can now order the journal via their local bookstore, or from a retailer within their country.

March 25, 2019

We're having a Fundraiser! Until the end of the month, the code 'march2019' will grant you a 25% discount on all recordings available from our Aeolian Editions Bandcamp page. This includes the full public discography. That's 36 recordings for £90 (worth £218) - roughly £2.50 per album.



Alternatively, you might want to consider becoming a Friend of Patron of Corbel Stone Press by purchasing the latest edition of Quoin:


January 01, 2019

In preparation since 2015, this tenth anniversary edition of Landings contains expanded notes and commentary by the author, along with two new essays and six poems that, among other things, reflect on things lost now found, and the supra-lingual power of the photographic image.

October 26, 2018

Reliquiae Volume Six contains poetic evocations of the constellations, the sun and moon, chrysalids, the ‘celestial echo’, the sky’s ‘blue palace’, the godhead of pollen, the ‘pulse of stones’ and the ‘pibroch of the hill’. There are conjurings of Bronze Age burials, Neolithic fires and Palaeolithic cave paintings, as well as invocations of Saraswati, Cernunnos, Vahagn and the Divine Mother. Prose works include essays on the archaic ‘Crane Dance’, performed in ‘awe and mimicry of nature’; the significance of the constellations in Navajo cosmology; the mathematical roots of ‘celestial harmony’; the ‘world pillar’ of circumpolar mythology; and the mystical symbology of the serpent & the number zero.

September 30, 2018

Xylem Books in a new imprint of Corbel Stone Press, dedicated to dedicated to producing affordable, globally distributed paperbacks. The first five titles are: The Look Away (Richard Skelton); Field Notes (A Richardson & R Skelton); Heart of Winter (Autumn Richardson); The Pale Ladder (Richard Skelton); Memorious Earth (A Richardson & R Skelton).

Xylem Books titles are available from this website, other online retailers, or via bricks-and-mortar bookshops.

August 31, 2018

September sees the publication of An Almost-Gone Radiance by Autumn Richardson, the second in our new series of hardcover titles. This beautiful book is a collection of Autumn’s poetry, written for the landscapes of the boreal forests and Kootenay Mountains (Canada), the Burren (Ireland), the Sierra Nevadas (Spain), and the Furness Fells (UK). It is work that explores a deeply personal connection to the natural world, full of memories of encounters with the other-than-human, sentient landscapes, and the medicinal powers of plants.

April 05, 2018

The SRL Archive is a chrome-plated USB drive presented in a custom metal enclosure with silkscreened artwork in two colours. It contains 16/44.1khz wav files of Richard's entire Sustain-Release discography, including Box of Birch, Landings, From Which the River Rises, Marking Time, and many others. It also includes the six releases of the Archival Series to date, including An Ash-tree Which the Ignorant Call Holy and Form Themselves Into Streams.

April 05, 2018

Aeolian Editions is the name of our digital music imprint, via the Bandcamp music platform. From April of 2018 we will be offering a Subscription Service. In exchange for your support by pledging £25, you will receive all Aeolian Editions for a year, as well as subscriber-exclusive releases. As an immediate gift for your pledge, you will receive seven previously released recordings, including all five albums from the Archival Series, along with Ridgelines (Volume One) and *Skura. The first free subscriber exclusive is Eilean Fuinn, a new composition commissioned by Atlas Arts in 2017, written for the landscape of Skye in response to Bethan Huw’s 1993 film, ‘Singing for the Sea’.

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