Alterity 1

Alterity 1


Alterity 1 (2017)
Edited by Richard Skelton

Publisher: Centre for Alterity Studies

ISSN 2514-1961



148 x 210mm


    Alterity is an occasional journal, published by the Centre for Alterity Studies in limited edition print and unlimited digital formats. The journal aims to feature work from diverse fields of enquiry that focus on the other-than-human, with a particular emphasis on plant, animal and mineral alterity.


    Alterity 1 is subtitled Being Drawn, and features the work of visual artists, writers and poets.


    Herbert Pföstl
    A Rawlings
    Sonia Levy
    Jennifer Spector
    Laura Harrington
    Sasha Wilde
    Cheri Smith
    Daniel Hudon
    Anders Hoff
    Salla Tuomivaara
    Kati Gausmann
    Nathan Walker
    Rebecca Clark
    Chloe Proctor
    Ningeokuluk Teevee