And Stood on Red Earth (Nicholas Johnson)

And Stood on Red Earth (Nicholas Johnson)


And Stoon on Red Earth All A Round

Nicolas Johnson

ISBN 9781901538854


    Etruscan Books, 2014

    170 x 245 mm, Softcover



    Dustjacket: Slight crease to top edge, but otherwise Good.

    Cover: Very Good.

    Inner: Very Good.




    Synopsis: "The startling language and strong lyric voice allure me into a territory without a map where horizons are shifting possibilities of heart and mind. Nicholas Johnson's is an original poetic practice, evidencing integrity thoughout, which draws me into something like the Surrealists' miroir du merveilleux, even into Victor Hugo's sense of the "profound waves of the marvelous," where anyone courageous enough is caught and darkened. This poem, in which the poet is haulier, pulls with force, transports, calls up, shifts course, offers the short and long hauls of the distances in experience and of the experience of language "taking place" in order to sing them. Haul Song enacts an experience of the materiality of language, loose or freed from any transcendental resolution for the poet or the reader - emotionally exact, the language may collapse into its letters as in 'Eel Earth', to begin again. The narrative of this poem is extraordinary and radial in form, always diverging from a centre that is never still. Elements, such as "wishes screams" and "candle&qout;, serve rather like the burdens of a song. Form here is careful and alive. ... Haul Song is also a love poem and, I think, a very fine one .... [it] joins with distinction the contemporary effort to relocate the high lyric voice to bring it down to earth to let the song have the notes and rhythms of our complex and marvelous lives. (Robin Blaser)."