Aspects of Anglo-Saxon Magic (Bill Griffiths)

Aspects of Anglo-Saxon Magic (Bill Griffiths)


Aspects of Anglo-Saxon Magic

Bill Griffiths

ISBN 1-898281-33-5


    Anglo-Saxon Books, 2006

    175 x 250 mm, Hardcover



    Dustjacket: N/A.

    Cover: Some age-related wear, but generally Good.

    Inner: Small dent to fore-edge, affects about 40 pages. Small stain to fore-edge, affects about 8 pages. Otherwise Good.




    Synopsis: "Describes and explains the traditional knowledge, beliefs, and practices of the early English during the first millennium. The sources are from both Northern and Southern Europe - i.e. the Germanic and Mediterranean traditions. Includes: The theory and practice of magic and superstition; their perception of the world and how it is ordered; divination (dreams, runes, lots); charms, amulets, augury, science and knowledge. Texts include: charms; rune poems; information about dreams, weather signs, unlucky days, the solar system, the signs of the fifteen days before Doomsday. Texts are printed in their original language with Modern English translations."