Backroads to Far Towns (Bashō)

Backroads to Far Towns (Bashō)


Backroads to Far Towns: Bashō's Travel Journal
Matsuo Bashō (Trans. Cid Corman & Kamaike Susumu)
ISBN 9781893996311



    White Pine Press, 2004

    123 x 179 mm, Softcover



    Dustjacket: N/A.

    Cover: Very Good.

    Inner: Very Good.




    Synopsis: Basho (1644–1694) is the most famous Haiku poet of Japan. He made his living as a teacher and writer of Haiku and is celebrated for his many travels around Japan, which he recorded in travel journals. This translation of his most mature journal, Oku-No-Hosomichi, details the most arduous part of a nine-month journey with his friend and disciple, Sora, through the backlands north of the capital, west to the Japan Sea and back toward Kyoto. More than a record of the journey, Basho’s journal is a poetic sequence that has become a center of the Japanese mind/heart. Ten illustrations by Hide Oshiro illuminate the text.