Beyond the Fell Wall (Paperback) (Richard Skelton)

Beyond the Fell Wall (Paperback) (Richard Skelton)


Beyond the Fell Wall (Paperback) (2018)
Richard Skelton
ISBN 978-1-908213-58-7

[ Published by Little Toller Books ]


    • 96pp
    • 127 x 178mm
    • Little Toller Books paperback




    "A graceful meditation upon the relationship between landscape, language and sound" (The Spectator)


    "I know of no other author, musician, composer, film-maker whose work touches on alchemy." (Caught by the River)


    Richard Skelton has spent nearly half a decade living in a small valley, high in the Furness hills of Cumbria, in northern England. It is a region of crags and exposed, weather-worn rock, of bracken, grassland and bogs, scattered with the remains of prehistoric settlements. “Life up here,” he writes, “amidst elemental nature and the tumbled stones, seems more precarious, and therefore more precious.”


    Beyond the Fell Wall is a distillation of his thoughts and observations from his brief tenure here, informed by his daily wanderings along its network of paths, the banks of its streams and the edges of its walls. It is also a poetic enquiry into the inanimate life of a landscape – its unheard melodies and unseen movements, its supernatural and heretical voices. It considers both vast geological epochs and brief moments of intimacy, conjuring both the imaginary and the real, which, in a place such as this, effortlessly elide. At its heart is the fell wall itself – a vast, serpentine entity; a vessel for lives, stories and myths; the dark centre about which all of life and death revolves.