Bitter Distillations (Mark Beech)

Bitter Distillations (Mark Beech)


Bitter Distillations
Mark Beech (Ed)
ISBN 9781916465794


    Egaeus Press, 2022, First Edition

    145 x 220 mm, Hardcover



    Limited Edition of 340 copies.

    Dustjacket: N/A.

    Boards: Fine.

    Inner: Fine.




    Synopsis: "Bitter Distillations is a collection of disquieting, disorientating and otherwise uncategorizable tales for which poison provides the inspiration. Poisons conspicuously sinister or quietly innocuous; deliberately distilled or unknowingly harvested; psychotropic, lethal, sickly or sweet. Care to partake? All 18 pieces are newly written and previously unpublished."


    Contents: A Night At The Ministry By Damian Murphy / The Blissful Tinctures By Jonathan Wood / The Tartest Of Flavours By Rose Biggin / The Devil’s Snare By Timothy J. Jarvis / The Poison Girls By Rosanne Rabinowitz / The Invisible Worm By Ron Weighell / Chatterton, Euston, 2018 By Nina Antonia / Out At The Shillingate Isles By Lisa L. Hannett / The Other Prague By George Berguño / The Jeweled Necropolis By Sheryl Humphrey / Not To Be Taken By Kathleen Jennings / The Garden Of Dr Montorio By Louis Marvick / Of Mandrake And Henbane By Stephen J. Clark / Beyond Seeing By Joseph Dawson / I In The Eye By Yarrow Paisley / Canned Heat By Jason E. Rolfe / Words By Alison Littlewood / An Embrace Of Poisonous Intent By Carina Bissett