Erosions (Richard Skelton)

Erosions (Richard Skelton)



Richard Skelton

Hyphae Series


February 2022


120 x 190mm


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    300gsm Bockingford loose cover
    Debossed title to cover
    Coverband with embossed Corbel Stone Press sigil
    160gsm Murano endpapers
    Cranes lettra papers
    Cahier stitched with saffron thread


    Numbered Edition of Five


    Erosions is a continuation of Limnology (2012-2020). It imagines a flow of water across the double-page spread from left to right. Each poem takes a line from an existing text and repeatedly erodes it until nothing is left. With each iteration, the eroded material is deposited on the facing page. Erosions therefore performs a time-lapse unwriting, documenting the gradual dfisintegraton of a text. 


    Erosions in the first in the Hyphae Series - artist-made pamphlets using the finest materials and produced in very small editions.