Four Workings (Lathe Cut) Richard Skelton

Four Workings (Lathe Cut) Richard Skelton


Four Workings (Lathe Cut)
by Richard Skelton


2 x Clear Lathe-Cut 12 inch records

2 x sleeves with individual artwork

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Original Edition of 44


- Artist's Copies -


    Four Workings uses cards drawn from a divination deck as cues for a series of musical compositions made with the same restricted palette of sounds. Each composition is a meditation upon a single, unvoiced question. The self-devised deck features word roots in Proto-Indo-European, a hypothetical language of the Late Neolithic.


    The album was recorded during lockdown in the summer of 2020.


    Listen to the album on Bandcamp.


    Note: These are not conventionally manufactured records. Each ‘copy’ is a unique artefact - individually cut direct-to-disc in real-time by a master engineer. Lathe-cuts have a characteristic sound with a higher level of surface noise than ordinary vinyl, a narrower stereo field and a subtle halo of distortion.