From Turning Pages (Thomas A Clark)

From Turning Pages (Thomas A Clark)


From Turning Pages
Thomas A Clark



    Moschatel Press, 2012

    130 x 200 mm, Softcover

    2 x 100pp


    From Turning Pages is an extremely rare artist's book by Thomas A Clark, published by Moschatel Press in 2012 with typesetting by Richard Skelton. 


    This one-of-a-kind two-book set contains the original colour artist's proof, which displays the repeated text 'light' printed in fifty different variations of yellow. The book was produced according to Clark's design by Skelton whilst he was living in Cumbria in 2012. The resulting proof was then sent to Clark in Fife, who signed a single page 'correct colour opposite' in pencil, confirming which of the fifty colours he desired to be used for the final edition. The proof was then returned to Skelton to continue production of the final edition. The final edition comes in a dustjacket designed and printed by Clark himself. 


    The colour proof has a few marks, reflecting the roundtrip journey the book made between Cumbria and Fife. The final edition copy is in excellent condition, with no marks or other damage.


    Archived since 2012. The colophon page of each book is impressed with the Corbel Stone Press Archive Seal.