Gilbert White's Journals (White/Johnson)

Gilbert White's Journals (White/Johnson)


Gilbert White's Journals
Walter Johnson (Ed)
ISBN 0715348884


    David & Charles Reprints, 1970

    143 x 223 mm, Hardcover



    Dustjacket: Small amount of creasing to front top edge, but otherwise Very Good.

    Boards: Very Good.

    Inner: Very Good.




    Synopsis: "Of late years there has been a growing wish that Gilbert White's Naturalist's Journal, which has remained in manuscript since 1793, should be made public. It has even been suggested that the Journal should be printed in full, but to anyone familiar with the manuscript this seems neither practicable nor desirable. Few persons can wish to read nearly ten thousand undigested daily records of temperature, wind, and weather, to say nothing of innumerable entries concerning the first appearance of birds and insects, and the flowering of plants. Something more important forms the editor's task: to select those passages which have scientific worth, or which shed light on the social life of the old naturalist."