Hithe & Kerala Journal

Hithe & Kerala Journal

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Jennifer Spector

Lign Series / 3

ISBN 978-1-9163935-4-7


Kerala Journal
Kim Dorman

Lign Series / 4

ISBN 978-1-9163935-5-4


    ‘In Hithe, Jennifer Spector is an excavator of our eco-scapes, unearthing the delicate bones of connectivity. With a naturalist’s precision, she records her studies in arresting, stunning song.’
    (Martine Bellen)




    ‘He is Gary Snyder's natural heir — his peripatetic poetry draws from similar spiritual wells to convey momentary awareness of human fragility.
    (C.C. O’Hanlon)




    About the Lign Series: small format books and booklets by individual poets and writers whose work is oriented towards landscape, nature and natural philosophy.


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    Hithe is the debut poetry collection of Jennifer Spector. An expatriate in Panama, her writing is the distillation of decades spent intimately attentive to her environment, to the lush verdancy of that narrow isthmus between the Atlantic and Pacific.




    Kerala Journal is a series of poetic dispatches from the Malabar Coast of India, written between March 2019 and January 2021 by American poet Kim Dorman.