Island Years Island Farm (Frank Fraser Darling)

Island Years Island Farm (Frank Fraser Darling)


Harmonia Mundi
Tim Lilburn
ISBN 9781908213013


    Little Toller Books, 2011

    157 x 216 mm, Softcover



    Dustjacket: N/A.

    Cover: Very Good.

    Inner: Fine.




    Synopsis: "Unhappily land-locked in his early adult life, Frank Fraser Darling's fortunes changed when he began visiting Scotland's west coast in the 1930s. Surviving treacherous boat journeys, a broken leg, and hell-bent storms, he made temporary homes with his family on some of the remotest Hebridean islands so he could study the habits of grey seals and seabirds. The family finally settled on an abandoned croft in the Summer Isles, on Tanera Mor, and started farming the barren land. They repaired a ruined herring fishery and its stone quay. They fertilized the ground with seaweed, cut peat for the fires, and planted a garden behind sheltered walls. Slowly, they brought life back to the island. Island Years first published 1940 by G. Bell and Sons, Island Farm first published in 1943 by G. Bell and Sons."