Journals (R.F. Langley)

Journals (R.F. Langley)



R.F. Langley

ISBN 9781905700004


    Shearsman, 2006

    155 x 230 mm, Softcover



    Dustjacket: N/A.

    Cover: Slight crease to front, hence - Good.

    Inner: Very Good.




    Synopsis: R.F. Langley's 'Collected Poems' (Carcanet, 2000) was one of the poetic highlights of recent times, showing a sometimes sceptical public that a contemporary poet could still engage with the shades of Modernism and produce fascinating and original work. Throughout his life, the author has been maintaining a journal, which is part diary, part autobiography and part commonplace book; some extracts from these fascinating volumes have been appearing in 'P N Review' since 2002. This book offers a number of selections, ranging in time from 1970 to 2005, which will give admirers of his poetry a clearer idea of the author's other writings, which run in parallel with his poetry and sometimes provide the underpinnings for it.