Lintel Vol 2 No 1 (Special Edition)

Lintel Vol 2 No 1 (Special Edition)


Lintel Vol 2 No 1 (Special Edition)

Richard Skelton


    Corbel Stone Press, 2015


    A Special Edition of 13, comprising:

    A presentation box with paste-on cover plate

    LINTEL Vol 2 No 1

    A limited edition A6 postcard

    An original signed A5 artwork by Richard Skelton

    Four limited edition A5 artwork reproductions




    In late 2015, Corbel Stone Press relocated from Cumbria to Fife, and much of our press archive was put in storage. These last few copies of the LINTEL Vol 2 No 1 Special Edition have resurfaced only recently, when going through the archive for the first time in many years.


    The charcoal sketches that make up this edition of LINTEL were produced in Aldeburgh, whilst Richard was on an artist residency. His time in Suffolk coincided with extensive floods, and these artworks reflect something of the elemental violence of that experience. 


    Read more about these artworks here:


    Archived since 2015. The colophon page is impressed with the Corbel Stone Press Archive Seal.