Nature & Death (Anthology)

Nature & Death (Anthology)

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Nature & Death (2017)
Contemporary Poetry Series



148 x 210mm


    Nature and Death is the fifth in the 2017 Contemporary Poetry Series from Corbel Stone Press. It gathers together the work of eighteen poets exploring the transition from light into dark, ranging from the personal to the universal, from the human to the animal.


    Vasiliki Albedo (GRC)
    Tim Bowling (CAN)
    Karen Dennison (GBR)
    Richard Devereux (GBR)
    Katy Ewing (GBR)
    Carrie Foulkes (GBR)
    Victoria Gatehouse (GBR)
    Barbara Hickson (GBR)
    Vasiliki Katsarou (GRC/USA)
    John Martone (USA)
    Antony Mottershead (GBR)
    Camilla Nelson (GBR)
    Schirin Nowrousian (GER)
    Christopher Page (GBR)
    James Roberts (GBR)
    Mark Rutter (GBR)
    Christopher John Thornhill (GBR)
    Sarah Westcott (GBR)