Nature & Regeneration (Anthology)

Nature & Regeneration (Anthology)

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Nature & Regeneration (2017)
Contemporary Poetry Series



148 x 210mm


    Nature and Regeneration is the sixth and final in the 2017 Contemporary Poetry Series from Corbel Stone Press. It gathers together the work of twenty poets who diversely explore the continuing cycle of life and death, the return to the light, revival and renewal.


    Cynthia Anderson (USA)
    David Borthwick (GBR)
    Miranda Cichy (GBR)
    Margaret Eckman (USA)
    Ellen Fee (USA)
    Alec Finlay (GBR)
    Benjamin Goluboff (USA)
    Robin Gow (USA)
    Benjamin Gucciardi (USA)
    Richard Harms (AUS)
    Barbara Hickson (GBR)
    Alex Josephy (GBR)
    Steffi Lang (USA)
    Garry MacKenzie (GBR)
    John Martone (USA)
    John Morgan (GBR)
    Peter O'Leary (USA)
    Anton Pooles (CAN)
    Christopher John Thornhill (GBR)
    Felice Sea Wyndham (USA)