Nature & Sentience (Anthology)

Nature & Sentience (Anthology)

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Nature & Sentience (2017)
Contemporary Poetry Series



148 x 210mm


    Nature and Sentience is the fourth in the 2017 Contemporary Poetry Series from Corbel Stone Press. It gathers together the work of fifteen poets exploring other-than-human sentience in, amongst other things, the motion of waves, the dreams of animals, the gaze of deer, the motion of mayfly rising, the sensoria of sharks, ‘the pulse of the elements’, and ‘the immutable unity that moves all things’.


    Nature and Sentience features new writing from the following poets:

    Oscar Balloveras (USA)
    Jack Davis (CAN)
    Adam Flint (GBR)
    Miki Fukuda (JPN)
    Wendy Heath (USA)
    Keith Jafrate (GBR)
    Anna Kisby (GBR)
    Jose Trejo Maya (MEX)
    Chris McCabe (GBR)
    Susan Richardson (GBR)
    Oliver Southall (GBR)
    Jennifer Spector (USA)
    Tom Vickers (GBR)
    Nathan Walker (GBR)
    Sarah Westcott (GBR)