Nature & the Sacred (Anthology)

Nature & the Sacred (Anthology)

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Nature & the Sacred (2017)
Contemporary Poetry Series



148 x 210mm


    Nature and the Sacred is the third in the 2017 Contemporary Poetry Series from Corbel Stone Press. It gathers together vital new writing from thirteen poets on sacred themes, including the gazes of owls and deer, the genii locorum of springs and pools, nature’s signs and symbols, the shedding of skins, the four elements, the changing seasons, and the seen and unseen. In an increasingly secular, materialistic society, Corbel Stone Press is proud to publish such brave, visionary work.


    Roselle Angwin (GBR)
    Luanne Armstrong (CAN)
    Don Domanski (CAN)
    Chris Hardy (GBR)
    Brian Johnstone (GBR)
    Sean Arthur Joyce (CAN)
    Jose Trejo Maya (MEX)
    Julia McCarthy (CAN)
    Christine Morro (USA)
    John Steffler (CAN)
    D Syme (GBR)
    Christopher John Thornhill (GBR)
    Jane Wheeler (GBR)