Notes on the Landscape (II) (Richard Skelton)

Notes on the Landscape (II) (Richard Skelton)


Notes on the Landscape (II)
Richard Skelton



120 x 190mm
Artist's Edition

Numbered edition of 12


    16pp booklet
    Cahier-stitched by the artist
    Loose French-flap cover
    Paste-on artwork
    Embossed logo to cover
    Sewn-in original collage by the artist
    Unique poem card
    Signed colophon card
    Music CDr of Scaleby, XII




    Edition of 12 in one of four colours


    Notes on the Landscape (II) represents something of a return to our roots, as it’s the first hand-made artist’s edition we’ve produced in quite some time. The work itself is the next installment of an embryonic series of prose-poems begun in 2012, and a form of hybrid writing that Paul Sheehan identifies as evincing the aesthetics of hauntology, bespeaking ‘a secret relationship that hinges on the notion of the palimpsest’.


    Notes on the Landscape (II) moves its focus away from the history of Lancashire to the frayed edge between the Scottish Borders and the old county of Cumberland:

    ​    Corpse Act. The coaled north. Opencast,
        the oldest layer. Churchways, weave-damaged.
        Weftsides likewise spun. Rivers, admixtures
        of wool, sphagnum, amber. Approximate
        threads.All questions of dates are vague. The
        map-makers were wrong.

    ​The poem reads like a heretical treatise on the geography of the north; an unflinching account of the sedimentation of fact, fiction and myth. Its ruptured, poetic logic sheds slant light on the supposed veracity of official histories, excising ambiguities from authoritative texts and casting them adrift in its slurry of signifiers.