Quoin 6

Quoin 6


Quoin 6 (2020)
Corbel Stone Press



148 x 210


    Quoin is the annual publication for friends and patrons of Corbel Stone Press. Each issue features work created exclusively for the journal and is available only through a ‘Friend’ or ‘Patron’ subscription - an annual donation which helps support our work.




    Quoin 6 features excerpts from The Mystical Hymns of Orpheus - a series of Ancient Greek petitions to sacred elements, beings and deities. Orphism itself was a mystery cult that claimed descent from the teachings of the mythical poet Orpheus.


    You can become a Friend by pledging between £25 and £75, or a Patron by pledging £100 or more.


    In addition to Quoin, friends and patrons also receive a collection of printed ephemera produced within the previous year. Patrons also receive a signed printed work created especially for them.