Regarding Wave (Gary Snyder)

Regarding Wave (Gary Snyder)


Regarding Wave
Gary Snyder



    Fulcrum Press, First Edition, 1970

    145 x 218 mm, Hardcover



    Dustjacket: Small tear to front, but otherwise Very Good.

    Cover: Very Good.

    Inner: Very Good.




    Synopsis: “Wild nature as the ultimate ground of human affairs”––the beautiful, precarious balance among forces and species forms a unifying theme for the new poems in this collection. The title, Regarding Wave, reflects “a half-buried series of word origins dating back through the Indo-European language: intersections of energy, woman, song and ’Gone Beyond Wisdom.’” Central to the work is a cycle of songs for Snyder’s wife, Masa, and their first son, Kai. Probing even further than Snyder’s previous collection of poems, The Back Country, this new volume freshly explores “the most archaic values on earth… the fertility of the soil, the magic of animals, the power-vision in solitude, the terrifying initiation and rebirth, the love and ecstasy of the dance, the common work of the tribe…”