Reliquiae Vol 1 (Prototype)

Reliquiae Vol 1 (Prototype)


Reliquiae (Volume One) (Prototype)

Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton (Eds)

ISBN 9780957212145


    Corbel Stone Press, 2013

    156 x 234 mm, Softcover



    Prototype of the first volume of Reliquiae. The cover is matt laminate, as opposed to the uncoated stock that featured in the final print run.


    Features: Richard Harms, Sophia Morrison, Knud Rasmussen, Francis Ledwidge, Noor de Winter, Mark Brennan, Christina Georgina Rossetti, Truman Michelson, Richard Skelton, W.B. Yeats, R. Eivind, Autumn Richardson, Mark Valentine, John Hutchinson, Alice C. Fletcher and Francis La Flesche, Richard Jefferies.


    Archived since 2013. The colophon is impressed with the Corbel Stone Press Archive Seal.