SRL Archive (Richard Skelton)
  • SRL Archive (Richard Skelton)

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    SRL Archive (2018)

    Richard Skelton


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      The SRL Archive is a chrome-plated USB drive presented in a custom metal enclosure with silkscreened artwork in two colours. It contains 16/44.1khz wav files of Richard's entire Sustain-Release discography, including Box of Birch, Landings, From Which the River Rises, Marking Time, and many others. It also includes the six releases of the Archival Series to date, including An Ash-tree Which the Ignorant Call Holy and Form Themselves Into Streams.




      SRL21. Richard Skelton, Rapture (Reprise) (2011)
      SRL20 *Skura, A Collection (2011)
      SRL19 Dyad, A Collection (2011)
      SRL18 A Broken Consort, Crow Autumn Collected (2011)
      SRL17 Clouwbeck, Wolfrahm (2011)
      SRL16 Richard Skelton, Marking Time (2008/11)
      SRL15 Clouwbeck, From Which the River Rises (2010)
      SRL14 Richard Skelton, Landings (2009)
      SRL13 Carousell, Black Swallow & Other Songs (2009)
      SRL12 A Broken Consort, Crow Autumn (Part Two) (2009)
      SRL11 A Broken Consort, Box of Birch (2nd Edition) (2008)
      SRL10 Heidika, Tide of Bells & the Sea (2007)
      SRL09 A Broken Consort, Crow Autumn (Part One) (2007)
      SRL08 Clouwbeck, A Moraine (2007)
      SRL07 A Broken Consort, Box of Birch (1st Edition) (2007)
      SRL06 Riftmusic, Riftmusic (2007)
      SRL05 A Broken Consort, The Shape Leaves (2006)
      SRL04 Carousell, Landings (2006)
      SRL03 Harlassen, A Way Now (2006)
      SRL02 Carousell, A Dead Bridges Into Dust (2005)
      SRL01 Heidika, There Is No Cure & Other Songs (2005)




      AS006 Richard Skelton, A Channel for Water (2018)
      AS005 Harlassen, The Neckar Blues (2015)
      AS004 Richard Skelton, Form Themselves Into Streams (2014)
      AS003 Richard Skelton, An Ash-Tree Which the Ignorant Call Holy (2013)
      AS002 Richard Skelton, Ivystrung (2013)
      AS001 Riftmusic, Riftmusic (Part Two) (2013)