Talus (Cassette) (Richard Skelton)

Talus (Cassette) (Richard Skelton)


Talus (Cassette)
by Richard Skelton


White C45 cassette with black on-body printing

White 'maltese cross' card enclosure

Music download card with unique verso artwork


Edition of 44


Digital version from Aeolian Editions


    Second in the Moraine Sequence - an ongoing series of recordings influenced by research into glacigenic landforms. As with MS01, this new release features two longform works, the first of which, ‘Talus (/)’, is comprised of a landscape of softly abraded waveforms over which a melody gently accumulates. Recorded during the pandemic of 2020, it is perhaps the most open and uplifting composition of Skelton’s career. The second, ‘Talus (.)’, exposes the surfaces of the first recording to a series of granular processes, emulating the formation of talus - rock debris that often accumulates at the base of a cliff or steep slope.