The Anther's Fire (Solanum Edition) (Autumn Richardson)

The Anther's Fire (Solanum Edition) (Autumn Richardson)


The Anther's Fire
Autumn Richardson

130 x 210mm

December 2020
Special Edition


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    Solanum Edition of 12


    Released to honour the Winter Solstice, and the Great Alignment of Saturn and Jupiter, The Anther’s Fire is printed on cotton bookwove papers, thread-sewn, and is enclosed within a textured loose cover in amethyst, with a debossed sigil.


    The full edition comprises:


    - The Anther’s Fire thread-sewn booklet
    - Amethyst cover with debossed sigil
    - Four signed photographic prints
    - Four colour-field cards, time-infused with individual plant decoctions
    - Handwoven wild tussah silk enclosure
    - Glass phial of solstitial incense
    - Presentation box with coverplate
    - Wax-sealed and stamped
    - Signed and numbered


    'I offer my eyes that you may see

    when will you weary of profanity
    and recognise breath within bark

    pulse within stone

    the anther's fire?'


    The Anther's Fire is a stark and powerful new poem by Autumn Richardson, continuing her exploration of metempsychosis begun in Ajar To The Night.