The Book of Flowering (Mark Beech)

The Book of Flowering (Mark Beech)


The Book of Flowering: An Anthology
Mark Beech (Ed)
ISBN 9781916465718


    Egaeus Press, 2019, First Edition

    145 x 220 mm, Hardcover



    Limited Edition of 350 copies.

    Dustjacket: N/A.

    Boards: Fine.

    Inner: Fine.




    Synopsis: "A remarkable collection of eighteen new and previously unpublished dark, weird fictions, exploring, in their various ways, the the concepts of fatal beauty and impermanence."


    Contents: Mark Valentine - The Pale Sentinels Of Asphodel / Tiffani Angus - What Cannot Be Described / Sheryl Humphrey - Flora’s Lexicon / Timothy J. Jarvis - With Scourges, With Flowering Sprigs / Ron Weighell - Fugues of The Blue Lilly / John Gale - A Garden of Sorrow and Sorcery / Reggie Oliver - Lady With A Rose / D. P. Watt - But They Withered All / Colin Insole - Gallybag / Alison Littlewood - Down In The Dendrons / Damian Murphy - Flower Dream Sermon / Rebecca Kuder - The Only Flower That Mattered / Mat Joiner - Belbyne’s Lane / N. A. Jackson - A Phantom Flowering / V. H. Leslie - Marginal Species / Jonathan Wood - The Absence / Charles Schneider - The Floral Seasons of Life / Thomas Strømsholt - The Book of Flowering