The Giving Way (Richard Skelton)

The Giving Way (Richard Skelton)


The Giving Way

Richard Skelton

Published by Guillemot Press

ISBN 978-1-913749-24-8


February 2022


138 x 183mm


    Gmund Bier Pils cover stock
    Red foil artwork
    Charcoal endpapers
    Perfect bound


    Copies available directly from the publisher.


    The Giving Way finds itself, disoriented, in the ‘cold narrow vaults of the world’ — those now-silent caves that hold the residues of Palaeolithic human mark-making. In these subterranean spaces questions echo and reverberate, begetting others and still others about the isness and itness of being; of life, death and their umbral shadows, and the passing of forms from plant and animal and human, each ‘becoming tabula rasa for the next’.


    The pamphlet is illustrated by the artist’s own collages, which gather like the scatter of flint debitage around a long-cold Ice Age hearth.