The Midden (Various)

The Midden (Various)


The Midden


ISBN 9789527222065


    Garrett Publications, 2018

    170 x 240 mm, Softcover



    A book documenting Frontiers in Retreat, a project that Richard participated in between 2014 and 2017.


    Synopsis: "The Midden marks the end of a five-year multidisciplinary research initiative on ecological issues in contemporary art. In response to the current oil-dependent society, termed fossil modernity, it aims at imagining new paths toward more livable futures. As its title suggests, editors Jenni Nurmenniemi and Tracey Warr use the idea of a compost hill to frame the book’s content – a complex and productive mixture of thought. Contributions from the fields of media studies, speculative fiction, philosophy and curatorial writing are left to seep and leak into one another. Many boundaries in the book dissolve naturally challenging dichotomies, segments and divisions of different kinds. At other times, borders breakdown in a more conscious editorial effort: disparate sources – from Donna Haraway to Lewis Carroll to George Bataille – traverse the pages of one text and reappear later on others. Time and change are key factors at play in the compost. The Midden digs into a heap of material amassed by the art research network Frontiers in Retreat. From 2013–18 the project involved eight residency and research organizations from around Europe and 25 artists including Bartaku, Quelic Berga, Brett Bloom, Sylvia Grace Borda, Company, Gints Gabrans, Fernando Garcia-Dory, Kati Gausmann, Carl Giffney, Tue Greenfort, Terike Haapoja, Hanna Husberg, Radhildur Ingadottir, Saara-Maria Kariranta, Mari Keski-Korsu, Elena Mazzi, Janne Nabb & Maria Teeri, Mirko Nikolic, Tuula Närhinen, Khaled Ramadan, Anna Rubio, Joanes Simon-Perret, Richard Skelton, Tracey Warr, and Simon Yuill."


    Archived since 2018. The colophon is impressed with the Corbel Stone Press Archive Seal.