Till Fabrics (Cassette) (Richard Skelton)

Till Fabrics (Cassette) (Richard Skelton)

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Till Fabrics (Cassette)
by Richard Skelton


White C45 cassette with black on-body printing

White 'maltese cross' card enclosure

Music download card with unique verso artwork


- Extra copies of the first edition -


    First in the Moraine Sequence - an ongoing series of recordings influenced by research into glacigenic landforms. MS01 features two longform works, ‘Till Fabrics (+)’ and ‘Till Fabrics (-)’, both of which essay a kind of auditory deconstruction of morainic landscapes. Here can be heard the effects of attrition and ice weathering over millennia, as evidenced in low-end synth debris suspended in a shimmering matrix of violin and cello regolith.