Towards a Frontier

Towards a Frontier


Towards a Frontier

Richard Skelton


    Corbel Stone Press, 2017

    148 x 210 mm, Softcover



    Towards a Frontier is a visual document of Richard Skelton's participation in the 'Frontiers in Retreat' artists' residency programme, which ran between 2013 and 2018:


    “Frontiers in Retreat is a five-year collaboration project that fosters multidisciplinary dialogue on ecological questions within a European network formed around artist residencies. The project sets out to examine processes of change in particular, sensitive ecological contexts within Europe, to reflect them in relation to each other and to develop new approaches to the urgencies posed by them.”


    This book is a printed accompaniment to the blog of the same name, which catalogues the artist's two visits to Seyðisfjörður, east Iceland, in 2014 and 2016. Whereas the blog constitutes an oblique diary of his stay in the eastern fjords, the book presents artwork produced over the course of his residency in the form of a series of collages and photographic diptychs. Many of the photographs themselves are overwritten with symbols drawn from, or inspired by, the Icelandic corpus of 'magical staves' used anciently for protection and guidance. For the main part the collages make use of whatever disparate materials were to hand: the Saga Íslendinga and copies of the local Austurland newspaper, but some also incorporate taxanomic data from the IUCN Red List of endangered species, ripped and torn into illegible tatters. The whole series is suffused with a palpable sense of anxiety, restlessness and dismay.



    Archived since 2017. The colophon page of the book is impressed with the Corbel Stone Press Archive Seal.