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Front Variations Richard Skelton

Quoin is the annual publication for friends and patrons of Corbel Stone Press. Each issue features work created exclusively for the journal and is available only through a ‘Friend’ or ‘Patron’ subscription - an annual donation which helps support our work.

Quoin 4 features work produced by Richard Skelton whilst on residency in Iceland as part of the Frontiers in Retreat programme. Front Variations combines data collected by the World Glacier Monitoring Service and aerial photography of arctic glaciers from the US Naval Oceanographic Office to highlight ice-sheet recession over the past 100 years and more.


The booklet is accompanied by two musical recordings composed using only sine waves – the purest and simplest periodic oscillations or tones. These tones were then subjected to increasing amounts of feedback in order to simulate the so-called ice-albedo feedback mechanism. This is the process whereby the action of melting glaciers reduces the global surface area of ice, thereby reducing the amount of solar radiation that glaciers reflect, which in turn increases global temperatures and causes further glacial melting. Ring modulation and distortion were also used to further deteriorate the sound signal.


› 16-page softcover booklet
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