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Reliquiae Volume Six
ISSN 2398-7359






Reliquiae is a beautifully printed annual literary journal of poetry, short fiction, translations and essays. Edited by Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton, it combines diverse contemporary and historical responses to landscape & the natural world – ecological, lyrical, ethnological, visionary, philosophical, esoteric.

Volume Six contains poetic evocations of the constellations, the sun and moon, chrysalids, the ‘celestial echo’, the sky’s ‘blue palace’, the godhead of pollen, the ‘pulse of stones’ and the ‘pibroch of the hill’. There are conjurings of Bronze Age burials, Neolithic fires and Palaeolithic cave paintings, as well as invocations of Saraswati, Cernunnos, Vahagn and the Divine Mother. Prose works include essays on the archaic ‘Crane Dance’, performed in ‘awe and mimicry of nature’; the significance of the constellations in Navajo cosmology; the mathematical roots of ‘celestial harmony’; the ‘world pillar’ of circumpolar mythology; and the mystical symbology of the serpent & the number zero.



X + 166pp
Softcover w/ French-flaps


‘The work being done by Skelton and Richardson in projects such as Reliquiae is both ground-breaking and ground-preserving; in that rare feat of imagination, the future of a culture is mapped using ancient methods.’

(Luke Allan, Carcanet)

‘A totally unique, spellbinding journal.’
(Richard Skinner, Faber)

£12 plus p&p.

New Work


Don Domanski
Alyson Hallett
Steffi Lang
Jane Lovell
Peter O’Leary
Garry MacKenzie

Penelope Shuttle
Richard Skelton
Jennifer Spector

Christopher John Thornhill
Mark Valentine

(Prose & Prose-Poetry)

Peter Mark Adams

Archive Work


Armenian mythology
Emily Dickinson
Haida songs
Italian folklore
Gustaf Sobin


John Frederick Blake
H.A. & F.A. Curtiss
Navaho cosmology
J. F. Hewitt
Uno Holmberg

Tim Lilburn


Eskimo folklore
John Steffler


Arthur Gardiner Butler, Illustrations of Typical Speciments of Lepidoptera Heterocera in the Collection of the British Museum, Parts I and III (1877-1879)


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