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Richard Skelton

‘The tenement itself had become a vessel; they were voyaging out, unpiloted, into desolate wastes. He tried, without success, to force open the window. Icebergs were locking on the tide; clanking together, smoking in collision: advancing on the city in a blue-lipped armada of destruction. The Pleistocene was revived. It was welcomed. Bison would herd together in lumber yards. Antlered shamans would carve the marks of power on the walls of the Underground; would initiate fires in long-deleted stations.’

Iain Sinclair, Downriver


Two reworkings of a cello and viola composition, each dedicated to a different city, and individually lathe-cut to 12inch 45rpm vinyl by Michael Lawrence of Bladud Flies! in a numbered edition of eight.

For New York 10:05

For Berlin 10:05

Both recordings were originally published on the digital album, Four.

Price: £50 + p&p


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