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Viola for Sale

16 3/4 inches


No maker’s mark

Right-handed model

Richard is selling his beautiful, antique, right-handed viola. Click through the gallery above to see some photographs.

Its deep and rich tone can be heard on the following records:

Another Hand (2019)
A Great Body Rising and Falling (2019)
Till Fabrics (2019)
Four (2019)
Border Ballads (2019)
Stadial (2019)
Lastglacialmaximum (2020)
The Oracle Bone (2020)
Imaginary Film Music (Series) (2020)
Song to Epsilon Lyrae (2020)

Reflecting its age, the instrument has a number of minor cosmetic marks and scratches.

Whilst in Richard’s possession, it has only ever had studio use.

The instrument comes with a Corbel Stone Press certificate of provenance.

All serious offers will be considered. The buyer is responsible for shipping/collection.

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