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Selected Poems

Don Domanski

A celebration of the work of one of Canada’s finest poets, Don Domanski, this Selected Poems distils his forty-five-year career into 108 visionary poems.

‘a necromancer of words, a seer’ 

(Lorna Crozier)

‘A Corbel Stone Press publication is an artefact of the greatest cultural significance, a time capsule travelling in both directions.’

Luke Allan


About Us

Corbel Stone Press is the Anglo-Canadian small press of Autumn Richardson and Richard Skelton. Established in 2009, we specialise in beautiful books, pamphlets, CDs, cassettes, records, artworks and editions.


Our work is focused on landscape, nature, mythology and esoteric philosophy. Between 2013 and 2022 we published the pre-eminent journal of mythopoeic writing, Reliquiae, featuring the work of over 300 contemporary and historical poets, writers and translators in over 45 languages.


Our Xylem Books imprint is dedicated to producing affordable, globally distributed paperbacks of Corbel Stone Press titles.

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