Featured Title

Harmonia Mundi

Tim Lilburn

‘Tim Lilburn’s turn to dromenon, to the ritual pageantry of the visionary recital, is at once historical drama and vivid theurgy. One of our great visionary poets is manifesting kaleidoscopically.’

(Peter O’Leary)

‘A Corbel Stone Press publication is an artefact of the greatest cultural significance, a time capsule travelling in both directions.’

Luke Allan


About Us

Corbel Stone Press is an artist-run multi-media publisher based in Scotland. We make beautiful books, pamphlets, CDs, cassettes, records, artworks and editions. All of our work is focused on the natural world, and we are particularly interested in animism and other-than-human consciousness. In May and November of each year we publish Reliquiae, the pre-eminent small-press literary journal of nature, landscape and mythology.