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‘a ritual, a beating of the bounds of memory

… as much a haunting as a book’

(Justin Hopper)

In the wake of an unnamed calamity a solitary woman travels back to her childhood home, navigating the maze of narrow roads that cross-cut England’s hinterlands below Hadrian’s Wall. In the absence of human contact, the agency of the land itself begins to impress itself upon her consciousness, and, as her journey unfolds, her life and the lives of the dead, both recent and ancient, slowly reveal themselves as inextricably intertwined.

‘it courses like a dark and turbid river’

(Brian Lavelle)

Click here to download a PDF sample of the book.

Richard Skelton’s second work of fiction continues his exploration of the relationship between landscape and human identity. Whereas The Look Away focused on a claustrophobic, individual encounter, And Then Gone expands to extend the narrative into the deep past, and the stories of lives now ‘flattened between the pages of earth.’

‘a gripping emotional topography’

(Emily Oldfield)

The First Edition hardcover comprises:

Verdant green cover with metallic green foil debossed sigil

Fawn endpapers, head & tail bands

Signed & numbered

Edition of 111


Price: £25 + p&p

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