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‘It is as if Autumn Richardson has learned the secret incantations of ancient and elemental things, understood the languages used by wood, stone, fire.’ (Mark Valentine)

Autumn Richardson is a poet, editor and publisher. Her poetry, texts and translations have appeared in literary journals, pamphlets, anthologies, books and exhibitions worldwide. She co-runs Corbel Stone Press, one of the UK’s foremost small presses dedicated to nature and landscape. She is also the co-editor of Reliquiae, a biannual journal of poetry, short fiction, non-fiction and translations.

‘Her work combines intimately personal sensory perceptions with the experience of vast ranges of geological time and space, the crossing from human identity to a trans-human world-identity.’ (John Steffler)


Her work includes Field Notes (Volume One) and Memorious Earth (both co-authored with Richard Skelton), and Heart of Winter, a collection of poetry and translations based upon the journals of arctic explorer Knud Rasmussen. Her first full-length collection, An Almost-Gone Radiance, was selected as a Scottish Book of the Year (2018) by The Scottish Review of Books. Her latest collection, Ajar To The Night, was published with Scarlet Imprint in 2020.

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