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Ajar To The Night

Autumn Richardson

Ajar To The Night

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ISBN 978-1-9123163-9-7


Ajar To The Night is an exploration of esoteric philosophy through the author’s practice of devotional writing. It focuses upon the doctrine of metempsychosis; cyclical existence in all its forms on earth, universal sentience and the inexorable resurgence of the divine feminine. 

‘Ajar To The Night is a book of talismanic equipoise, in which extraordinary powers of perception that can best be described as magical are expressed in ritualistic language acts of great delicacy and insight... [her] poetry belongs to a still rare but increasingly urgent work of ecophany that allows us both to be in and to prepare for a world to come’. (Peter O’Leary)

Written within the karstic limestone landscape of the Burren, Ireland and the mountains of Spain, these poems embody a process of revelation, and its requisite response, offering. The volume contains three poems: You Came To Me, In All Her Names And Forms, and Ajar To The Night. Sensual, spare, startling and visceral works.

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