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Reliquiae Vol 10 No 1

Various Authors

Reliquiae Vol 10 No 1

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ISBN 978-1-9160951-8-2


Reliquiae Vol 10 No 1 features writing in Algonquian, Binisayâ, Chinese, Irish, Latin, Nahuatl, Old Norse and Spanish. In world mythology there are Aztec hymns to the goddess Teteoinan, Wabanaki invocations of sacred mountains, and excerpts from the great Mayan creation myth, The Popol Vuh. There are Wabanaki songs of the stars, Inuit creation myths concerning the constellation Ursa Major, and discussions of the Milky Way in Chinese mythology. There are macabre Kootenay legends of the Coyote and the Owl, explorations of the universe in Babylonian cosmology, and explorations of ancient Egyptian concepts of the soul, of ‘Ka’ and ‘Ba’, and the tribunal of Osiris, the ‘judge of the dead’. There are reflections on the destructive and regenerative cycles of the year in the Akkadian myth of Izdubar, Inuit stories of the transmigration of souls, and accounts of the ancient deities of Assyria.

Contributors: Wáng Ānshí (Carolanna Lisonbee, Trans.), Aztec mythology (Daniel G. Brinton, Trans.), Natasha Balwit, Annie Besant, Ursula Bethell, Binisayâ folklore (Alton Melvar M. Dapanas, Trans.), Boethius (Victoria Punch, Trans.), Laura J. Braverman, Thomas Burnet, Chiyo (Clara A. Walsh, Trans.), Jose Gabriel Dávila, Kim Dorman, William Fairfield Warren, Alexandra Fössinger, James A.S. Grant, Lafcadio Hearn, Christopher Hopkins, Icelandic mythology (Nik Gunn, Trans.) Inuit folklore (Knud Rasmussen, W. Worster, G. Herring, Trans.), Fiona M. Jones, Edward G. King, Kootenay folklore (A.F. Chamberlain, Trans.), Jennifer Lee Tsai, Jane Lovell, Amy Lowell, Peter O’Leary, The Popol Vuh (Lewis Spence, Trans.), Donald A. Mackenzie, Autumn Richardson (Eoin Mac Lochlainn, Trans.), Lola Ridge, Kao Shih-chi  (Florence Ayscough and Amy Lowell, Trans.), Richard Skelton, Li T’ai-po (Florence Ayscough and Amy Lowell, Trans.), Wabanaki folklore and mythology (Charles Godfrey Leland, John Reade, Trans.), G.C. Waldrep, The Courtesan Wáng Wēi (Carolanna Lisonbee, Trans.), Tamar Yoseloff.

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