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Reliquiae Vol 9 No 2

Various Authors

Reliquiae Vol 9 No 2

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ISBN 978-1-9160951-7-5


Reliquiae Volume 9 No 2 features translations from Akkadian, Chippewa, Danish, Ancient Greek, Old Icelandic, Iglulingmiut, Italian, Nahuatl, Navajo, Old English, Portuguese, Scottish Gaelic, West Saxon and Spanish. Among the new English translations are an Aztec song of the mythological ‘cloud serpent’, a riddle-poem from the Codex Exoniensis and Parmenides’ writings on the natural world. In prose there is a Chilean ‘materia medica’ and an incantatory essay on the circling liturgy of the word; an ethnographic account of Bagabo conceptions of the nature of being, including notions concerning the ‘right-hand’ and ‘left-hand’ souls; an ancient treatise on the medicinal qualities of elder trees and a historical survey of the immemorial landscapes situated between the Golden Horn and the Sea of Marmara.

Contributors: Peter Mark Adams, Sarah Alcaide-Escue, Luanne Armstrong, Aztec Mythology (Autumn Richardson, Trans.), Bagobo Folklore, Alvaro Alonso Barba, Ruy Belo (Richard Zenith, Trans.), Martin Blochwitz, Boëthius, Lord Byron, Chippewa Folklore, Daniela Cascella, Kym Deyn, Timothy Dodd, Egyptian Folklore, The Exeter Book (Peter O’Leary, Trans.), Mark A. Fisher, Abigail Flint, Adam Flint, The Gilgamesh epic, Maria Graham, Navajo Folklore, Nicola Holloway, The Icelandic Rune Poem (Richard Skelton, Trans.), Inuit Folklore, Callum James, Olga Kolesnikova, Christina Lloyd, Mathew Lyons, Nemir Matos Cintrón (Joseph Ellison Brockway, Trans.), David Mohan, Kiera Moore, C.P. Nield, Paracelsus, Parmenides (Dan Beachy-Quick, Trans.), Scottish Folklore, Richard Skelton.

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