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Landings Diary (Softcover Prototype)

Richard Skelton
‘Landings Diary’ (Prototype)
130x200mm / 72pp / Edition of 2
Sustain-Release Private Press

Before ‘Landings’ was published as a book, excerpts and fragments were posted online via a blog known as ‘Landings Diary’. The blog operated between 2006 and 2008, before being archived in April of 2009.

Prior to its publication as a limited edition paperback in December 2009, a number of prototypes were produced. This softcover version - one of only two in existence - is formatted quite differently than the version that became the First Edition. It contains three sections, 'Beginnings', 'Two Joined Into One' and 'Voices', as well as an Appendix and Bibliography.

Archived since: March 2009.

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