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Landings is available to order from bookshops and online retailers from early January, 2019.

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Richard Skelton


ISBN 978-1-9999718-5-4

326 pages

‘... all that mattered was
without weight or consequence ...’


Landings is a deeply personal and unique response to the moorland landscape of Anglezarke in northern England, drawn from various sources, including historical treatises, maps, parish records, census data and the artist’s own diaries, notebooks and essays.


‘Haunted and evocative poetic writings.’
(Paul Sheehan)

The book obliquely documents the author’s use of music, writing and photography as means of ‘colluding’ with the various agencies of the land: the seen and the unseen, the heard and the unheard, the ‘real’ and the imaginary, the living and the dead.

‘One of the key works of 21st-century English-language landscape art/writing.’

(Justin Hopper)

Originally published in 2009 as a modest 96-page book, Landings has grown over the ensuing years as it attempts to record, transcribe and archive the voices of the here and now, the lost and forgotten.

‘A sustained reflection on the nature of land and biography.’
(Martyn Hudson)


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