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LASTGLACIALMAXIMUM is a beautiful large format hardcover book of visual poetry that extends and refines the experiments Richard Skelton began in 2012 with Limnology. In imitation of the action of glaciers, this new work visits a variety of algorithmic ‘destructive’ processes upon what is thought to be one of the oldest recorded texts from the British corpus – Caedmon’s Hymn, an example of alliterative verse originally composed in the 7th century CE.



64pp large-format 12inch square hardcover book

Graphite cloth exterior with dustcover

Graphite endpapers

148gsm uncoated Mohawk papers

Signed & numbered colophon

Set of four unique prints

MORAINE booklet

Music CD

LASTGLACIALMAXIMUM is available to pre-order between Dec 1st & 31st, 2019.

It will be printed and distributed in January 2020.

Price: £150 + p&p

Select your location below.

Price shown is total payable.


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