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The Lign Series: Call for Work


Small format books and booklets by individual poets and writers whose work is oriented towards landscape, nature and natural philosophy.


LS1 Oliver Southall, Borage Blue

LS2 Gerry Loose, The Great Book of the Woods



LS3 Jennifer Spector, Hithe

LS4 Kim Dorman, Kerala Journal

LS5 Paul Prudence, Figured Stones


Submission Guidelines

1. Your work must focus on landscape, nature and/or natural philosophy.

2. The majority of the work you submit must be previously unpublished.

3. Manuscripts should be a minimum of 64 pages in length.

4. Your manuscript must be formatted according to the following guidelines:

12 x 19 cm page size

2 cm margins
10 pt Times New Roman
0.55 cm line height (27 lines per page).

Download a Word (.doc) template here.

Download an OpenOffice (.odt) template here.

Please send your manuscript as a Word or OpenOffice file to xylembooks[at]


Please allow up to 6 months for us to respond to your submission.

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